At Sparkle Blu®, we understand that every woman has a unique story, personality, and sense of style. That's why our collection features a diverse range of characters that capture the essence of relatability and empowerment. As you browse through our carefully crafted designs, we invite you to find the one that resonates with your inner sparkle and reflects your individuality.


Hello beautiful! I'm Diane, the passionate artist and proud owner of Sparkle Blu®. It's an absolute joy to have you here. At Sparkle Blu, our mission is to celebrate women through our collection of sassy and relatable illustrated characters.

As you embark on your journey through our online boutique, I sincerely hope you discover a character design that resonates with the extraordinary person you are. Each illustration is thoughtfully created to capture the essence of relatability, empowerment, and a sprinkle of sparkle.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey. I invite you to explore our online boutique, immerse yourself in the world of Sparkle Blu, and uncover that special character design that will become your personal companion, a symbol of your beauty and strength.

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The spark that ignited Diane's passion for creating relatable illustrated characters came during a shopping excursion at a major retailer. Dissatisfied with the lack of designs that truly resonated with her, she fearlessly embarked on a mission to craft her own captivating characters that championed representation. Like real representation, not just two or three.

In 2020, the trailblazing character Maxi was born, marking the beginning of an exhilarating adventure. After securing the necessary copyrights, Diane proudly unveiled her inaugural character collection in the fall 2021. Her intention behind these creations is clear—to inspire individuals to embrace their unique selves, to accept and celebrate who they are, and to defy societal pressures that attempt to mold them into something they're not. Diane firmly believes that each one of us is beautifully distinct, and her designs reflect that belief. "I wanted to capture various skin tones and moods in my designs," she reveals. "I poured my heart into each design and truly cherish every character I've brought to life."



Why is your logo white?

Our logo is white to symbolize transparency and neutrality rather than representing a specific skin color. We designed our logo this way to ensure that our brand remains inclusive and avoids bias. We celebrate diversity and understand that beauty comes in many forms, which is why our character designs showcase a wide range of skin tones and hair colors. Our choice of a white logo is a deliberate decision to emphasize our commitment to transparency and to create a welcoming space for all women, regardless of their background or skin color.

What's the story behind your brand's name?

The "Sparkle" represents the essence of our brand, symbolizing the radiant energy and shine that we believe every woman possesses within. It embodies the spirit of confidence, joy, and self-expression that we aim to inspire through our character designs.

The word "Blu" adds a unique touch to our brand name. We intentionally chose to spell it differently, using "Blu" instead of the traditional "Blue," to reflect our creativity and desire to stand out.

Where do the character names come from?

Each character has its own unique name derived from some amazing family members, friends, inspiring historical women and life amusement. 

Who was the inspiration behind your very first character name?

Our very first character name, Maxi, was inspired by my mother, who embodies strength and resilience.

What was the first product you created?

The first product we created featuring our characters was a set of vibrant stickers.

How many different skin tones and hair colors do your character designs represent?

We proudly represent diversity in our designs, featuring over 40 character designs and growing!

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    Our unique designs blend beauty and relatability, making them the perfect expression of your individual style.


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    Our designs have vibrant personalities, infused with a dose of sass, to empower and inspire women.

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